Using Essential Oil Diffusers To Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in a Restaurant

Nothing beats the satisfaction of a great meal. Eating a satisfying and delicious food is one thing that every human craves.  We tend to often visit a restaurant that we know is serving the kind of food that our taste buds desire.

With the number of restaurants in almost everywhere, it is always hard to pick the best. Whether you’re a customer or a restaurant owner, a good restaurant has two basic rules, it should serve sumptuous foods and it should have a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The Atmosphere

Obviously, customers are not only after delicious foods, they are also more concerned about the restaurant’s atmosphere and ambiance. If you are running a restaurant, then you can find lots of ways to make sure that you brand your restaurant to have a relaxing and a comfortable atmosphere.

A perfect view. This is one thing that will make a customer crazy about. It is the number one reason why many restaurants along the beaches with an overlooking breathtaking view are getting more and more customers. Choosing a perfect location for a restaurant and adding a perfect view for customer are the things that you need to work out.

Perfect lighting and music. This is very much effective, especially for many working customers and at the end of the day; they want to have a good eat. They want to feel better after a long, stressful day of work. Adding some perfect lighting and a cozy music will help to stimulate their mood and feel better.

Use Essential Oils. One of the newest ways to create a relaxing atmosphere in a restaurant is to use essential oils. And in using essential oils, you need to have the right essential oil diffusers. When using essential oils, you give your customers the benefits of getting the overall relaxation while dining.

Essential Oils Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are made to help you get the right healing and relaxing properties of essential oils. These diffusers work by breaking down oils into atmospheric pieces, spreading them into the air for an effective aromatherapy procedure. They come in different types, designs and functions. You just need to know which one works for restaurant setting.

essential oils diffuser

When having an essential oil diffuser inside a restaurant, it would mean a different dining experience for all the customers.   Since there would be some magical oils floating around, it would make people feel relaxed and calm. With all the sumptuous foods, cozy lighting and music as well as a great customer service, adding the presence of the best essential oil diffuser will make everything perfect!

Happy Customers

You certainly aim to have a happy customer every single day. Thus, you have to make sure that you work your way in creating a relaxing atmosphere for them. Your delicious menu list will never be enough if you don’t have a good place for your customers. Make sure to try the power of these essential oil diffusers and see how the customers would long to visit your restaurant!

Working in A food Truck? Better Have a Good Physiotherapist


You think your job is tough? Try working on a food truck. Inside the truck working conditions are hardly ideal. With stoves open, orders left and right, cramped kitchens and in most cases, no air conditioning, workers only need a little stimulant and they will literally blow up. Seldom can you find a food truck parked in the shadiest part of an area, it usually has to brave the sun and temperatures can usually reach as high as 90 degrees inside. Add to that humidity which can average at 65% and you have a formula for stress by the end of your shift.

Often times, staff inside the food truck have to rely on the breeze when there’s little to no air conditioning. Although some truck have kitchen fans to control the smoke, few have electric fans for their employees.

Although a lot of factors contribute to the failure of some food truck as a business, one factor that can’t be overlooked is the stress experienced by workers. When you have burned out workers, your business will fail. So how do you address this problem?

Physiotherapist North Vancouver for Food Truck Workers

When it comes to choosing a professional in North Vancouver to take care of your body, make sure to pick the most specialized among the many. You don’t just want to pick anybody because you want the best care that you can get. You need to make sure that your therapist have the highest training in manual therapy and will not just attach you to some machines.

Another thing that you have to consider is that health is a partnership between you and your therapist. You need to cooperate with your physiotherapist North Vancouver in order to achieve your health goals and to prevent your issues from coming back again. This means that it’s important that your personalities jive. When your personalities clash, you will not benefit from the therapeutic relationship and your progress may be halted. So make sure that you like your physiotherapist and he or she likes you back.

Take not of physiotherapist that will spend time with you on your first visit but will assign you to an assistant on succeeding ones. Although they may offer cheaper rates, but you will not get the highest standard of care that you need. You have to remember that physiotherapists spend so much time in school to attain the level of proficiency that they have, an assistant will not have this kind of training.

Food truck workers in North Vancouver have perused the services of 19th Street Physiotherapy to relieve them of job related stress. Their manual therapy has been noted to help stressed out workers to regain their energy and to continue with their work. When it comes to highly professional and tailored service, you can count on 19th Street Physiotherapy give you the best. Give them a visit at their clinic or you can go to their website for more information on their services.

How Increased Time in the Sun Made Me a Happier Person

smiling sunStepping outside, feeling the warmth of the sun and seeing the brightness it brings never ceases to make me happy. I always love the sun; it keeps me elated and my mood high. I don’t know if it’s just me, but you know the feeling when you watched the Sound of Music for the very first time and the part where Maria was singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music…” well, as for me “everything is alive when the sun is shining…” Sorry too much sun.

As I was browsing through the internet I came across some articles that do indeed prove that the sun makes us happier. You know why? Sunshine boosts the levels of serotonin – a happy hormone that keeps us happy and energetic. No wonder SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or winter blues is frequent when there is less sunlight during the autumn and winter months. Therefore, a sensible amount of sun exposure of 5 to 15 minutes without sunblock, 3 times a week is sufficient enough to keep us happier.

You know what is more interesting – Vitamin D. Studies had shown that Vitamin D, which comes naturally from the sun, gives us a lot of benefits. This Vitamin is much more than just a simple vitamin. Experts proposed that Vitamin D deficiency is the most common and dangerous vitamin deficiency and it linked to increased incidence of many diseases. Ironically, the sunshine is free for all, though majority of people stay out from the sun causing them to be sickly, cranky, stressed, anxious and depressed. So get out there and get some sun and enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Builds Strong Bones, Strengthens Teeth and Prevents Osteoporosis

Vitamin D is essential for Calcium absorption, and Calcium is very important for healthy skeletal system, moreover, this vitamin also balance or normalizes the amount of Calcium in the body.

  • Prevents Cancer, Muscular Sclerosis, Diabetes and other Diseases

Instead of looking in just one disease, Vitamin D has covered up the prevention of various diseases, studies are emerging that this vitamin is very beneficial; it increases immune system and makes the body healthier. Decreased Vitamin D makes you susceptible to microorganisms that make you sick.

  • Weight Loss

Exact mechanism is unknown but getting enough Vitamin D helps you lose weight coupled with proper diet and exercise, these work wonders.

  • Manage Blood Pressure

Since Vitamin D has a calming effect and reduces anxiety, leads to normalizing the blood pressure, but a word of caution, overdoing sun exposure can cause a rebound effect, causing Hypertension. So, moderate sun exposure is still essential.

  • Proper Cell Functioning

Vitamin D assist in proper functioning of the cells helping the body attain well being so we can function at our best.

  • Sunshine Vitamin that makes you Happier

Vitamin D deficiency is found among people who are anxious, depressed and stressed, although there is no direct link, getting outdoors essentially makes you happier.

Like water and air, the sun is something that we take for granted, knowing all these benefits, appreciation and getting more sunshine is essential for our total well being. As for me, I always enjoy the sun, now I understand why it makes me a happier person.

How Can you Get Vitamin D if You Live in a Rainy Place?

There are a few different ways to simulate the sun and still receive exposure to Vitamin D. Perhaps the most popular method in a rainy city such as Kelowna is to get a Spray Tan. Or if you live somewhere more rural, you can order in tanning appliances or apply your own spray tan with some simple tanning training.

Vinyl Wraps vs Paint for Food Trucks

While many are still unable to find out which option is best for their respective purposes, I’m here to give a brief description on both vinyl as well as paint and the pros and cons to using it on your food truck. In my time as a food truck owner I’ve used both, and I certainly have a preference.

Depending on the look, durability and environmental impact, one may be preferred over the other, as we will see.

Vinyl Siding vs Paint Siding

All about Vinyl

I’m going to start with vinyl siding. Vinyl car wraps are more expensive when compared to commissioning an artist to paint the truck – however that’s not the main reason it does not work properly for some. It looks good for at least 10 years, however, and if the installation is done accordingly to the book, it will look fine for at least 12 years. You’ll definitely have to change it after that – granted 12 years is a long time in the food truck (or restaurant) business. This is the main upside to using a vinyl wrap over getting your truck painted – it tends to last a lot longer. So when you consider the cost over the life of the wrap it actually becomes cheaper than paint. However, you need to carefully consider is your truck going to last that long? There is a pretty good chance your truck will break down before the car wrap does. If you’re looking for a company to help you with a car or food truck wrap I would recommend Speed Pro Signs – they’re all over the country and their franchises have been terrific to work with.

Power to the Paint

The main reason people choose to use paint is because it is relatively inexpensive when compared to vinyl. The disadvantages, however, are many. Paints will deteriorate more rapidly, so if the food truck is constantly under direct sunlight – as is natural – then it’s a big problem. Using a proper primer and the correctly paint can go a long ways in ensuring it lasts. That said it will likely never last as long as vinyl.

Pros of Vinyl Wraps

  • It doesn’t peel off, unlike paint.
  • It will typically last longer than pant if the installation is done properly.
  • Depending on the installation, it will afford the body of the truck the additional benefit of weather resistance.

Cons of Vinyl Wraps

  • It’s more expensive when compared to paint siding.
  • Vinyl can show a build-up of grime and dirt depending on where you are operating it, so it has to be cleaned regularly.
  • Vinyl is still a controversial material, so a lot of people do object to it.

Pros of Paint Siding

    • Paint is less expensive, so it costs less to paint a food truck than install a vinyl truck wrap.
    • High quality paint can last as long as your truck does.
    • People won’t object to it.

Cons of Paint Siding

    • It takes longer to put on.
    • It requires an artist, as it doesn’t come ready-to-use like decals.
    • Depending on the quality of the paint you use, it may fade and chip earlier than you expected.

So there you have it: the choice is a mix of personal preference and financial consideration. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but both are equally popular.

My personal preference is vinyl, I find it gives a bit more of a professional look. When you’re running a business branding is everything. Whether you’re dealing with signs, banners or truck wraps it’s essential you get it right and get your message across.

Lose those Pounds; Feel Better

Fitness Goals!

One of the most difficult challenges in my life has always been to maintain a healthy weight. Even through childhood I found it a struggle to keep off the extra weight. At first it never really bothered me as being the ‘big’ kid had its advantage but as I got older, it bothered me more and more. I remember in middle school when boys started becoming interested in girls and girls were starting to become interested in boys. No one was interested in a tubby kid like me. It bothered me tremendously but I didn’t really know what to do. Of course I knew the basics- fruits and vegetables are healthy! But when your 12 or 13, your views as a whole as to what is healthy are completely skewed.

I brought my extra-weight into my early adult life and I began to take a passion to nutrition. I loved reading about it and learning how different foods affected the body in different ways. I figured that the key to losing the weight was to begin eating better and that’s exactly what I did. I cut out bread and pasta and replaced it by eating more vegetables and other healthy proteins. I also began to drink a lot more water throughout the day in an attempt to stay hydrated; providing my body the tools to work properly.

Although I began to lose weight, I also felt the need to begin exercising more. To accomplish this I hired a personal trainer from a studio in Burnaby who could help me develop some goals along with a plan so that I could get in better shape. I began working out 4 times a week with my personal trainer and although it was a bit tough on the pocket book, there was no doubt that I was getting in shape. My arms began to take shape, my core was getting tighter and my calves were looking fantastic in a pair of running shorts. Te best part about my new personal trainer is that he continually adapted my plan to keep it interesting for me. He even gave me homework like the 8-minute ab work out to do on my own time.

It was finally starting to pay off. With both my exercise program running efficiently and my new healthy diet complimenting my fitness, I was finding myself in the best shape of my life. No longer was I the tubby kid that none of the girls wanted to date but for the first time girls wanted to date ME! I felt like it improved every aspect of my life and I am definitely all around a happier person.

A Twelve Year Lesson

A New Habit: Get Moving

I woke up this morning and went through my normal routine. I had a glass of lemon water, drank a green smoothie and cooked up a few eggs and finally I had my coffee. After all of that is done I jump in the shower and start preparing for my day.

I’m no longer a young spring chicken and things hurt a little bit more then once did and my body is starting to sag a little bit more. For some reason on this particular morning it hit me harder then it usually does. Maybe, this moment I was experiencing was/is my mid life crisis. I really hadn’t experienced such a crisis yet and thought maybe because I had such a devastating year in my fourth year of business that I would never get hit by this elusive “mid life crisis”. In any event as I starred back at my body the fat guy started to leave and in his place the skinny returned. The conversation went something like this.

“You should stop dragging your ass and do something about it. What you’re sad because after twelve years of busting your ass at work and exercising once in a while you no longer like your body!?”

So while I had this internal conversation I sat down at my desk and wrote down some health goals. The first one was very easy and very broad. It simply said “move more”. I get so caught up at work and trying to expand my business often times I forget to get outside. It’s the summer time so it’s easier – I’ll spend hours at the beach on my stand up paddle board. If you’ve never tried SUPing I seriously recommend it – you can check out this website for my information on how to get started. But during those winter months it’s tough to drag your ass out of bed to go for a run when you can see your own breath outside. But without the proper care I know this once sculpted bod (okay it was never really sculpted) will turn into a hemp of saggy flesh. I aint got time for that!

So as I wake up each day hurting more and sagging a little bit further it’s vitally important to move more. To exercise more. To eat healthier and to cut back on my hours at work. There is a great quote “owning a business is either an enjoyable business to run or the world’s worst job”. This is so accurate. It took me almost six years to learn that lesson – after all my sweat and tears I was stuck with the world’s worst job. So, I went about changing that and now six years later I have something else to change, which is my health. I eat relatively well, but I have to move more. I have to lift more. I have to sweat more. Even if it means spending an three or four hours less at the office. As always I’ll revisit these goals in 3 months and check in.

Do you have any goals you’re itching to work on?


Top 5 Food Photography Tips

Taking great food photographs can take time to get the hang of, but by following a few simple steps, you can achieve wonderful results.

Tip #1: Experiment

You may have an idea in mind of what you want your photograph to look like, then when you take the photo and have a look, it really isn’t what you imagined. Don’t be afraid to try different things. If you have baked a beautiful cake, why not sit it on a table surrounded by some of the utensils and appliances such as one of the Best Cuisinart Food Processors around it. This will give your photograph a homely feel. Maybe you want a more modern look, so why not try a more minimalist approach.

Tip #2: Style your product

Misting your food or glassware may be the perfect way to add a little sparkle. By adding shine to something that might look quite dull in a photograph will make it look more appealing to your audience. Another option to create shine is to use oil, which you can wipe or spray over the food.

Tip #3: Shadows are a good thing

You don’t want to use a flash that will fill you photograph with too much light that will dispel all of the natural shadows. Shadows create depth and by creating depth, your photograph will look more natural and relatable.

Tip #4: All into one

If you have a lot of the same food product, you don’t need to cram it all into one picture. This will make your photograph look over-crowded and too busy. You want it to look natural and convey the message that you want to present. If there is too much going on, it will be distracting and will lose its appeal. It is better to choose the best few and use them in the photo. You can place them together or spread them around. By choosing the pieces that look the best, it can enhance the shot, as if any are blemished or marked, this may spoil the shot. Remember, sometimes more is less.
Food Processor - photography
Tip #5: Keep it fresh

If your photo shoot takes a long time, you will need to consider what the food looks like after it has been sitting for half an hour. You may need to replace some elements of the plate to make it look more appetizing or keep it looking fresh. For example, salads will wilt, meat will release juices, and melted cheese will harden. You might want to consider this before your shoot, and make sure that you have enough replacement products on hand.

For more tips on food photography, check out this guide.

Flipping Homes: A Side Business

House Flippers

I’m a pretty handy guy, a few years ago I decided to spend some time flipping a few houses. I did a lot of the work myself, I framed the basement, did the HVAC and electrical work and installed the plumbing. There are a couple of tasks which I refuse to do though – painting and mudding & taping.

I’m significantly slower than a lot of contractors, for example it might take me twice the time as an HVAC guy to do all the ductwork. However, with that said I know they’re charging me anywhere between $80-$120/hr plus markup on the materials. So for me to charge out $35/hr for my own time it still makes sense for me to do the work myself. I also quite enjoy a lot of the work, it’s nice to get my hands dirty as I rarely do that these days. I spend most of my time running a business and very little time in the kitchen these days so to do something hands on is always a plus for me.

However, mudding & taping I’m incredibly slow and I know I can find a solid contractor at $30-$40/hr if I do my homework. Suddenly charging out $35/hr for my own time doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention if you’ve ever mudded and tapped you know it’s some of the most painful work going. Painting I can probably move as quick as a painting contractor, and they charge about $40/hr. Logically this would be a task that would make sense for me to do but I can’t bring myself to do it. After taking on the painting work during my first flip I knew I never would do that again. Since then I’ve always hired that work out.

So when I bought my first vacation property in Vancouver (I fell in love with Vancouver after visiting for the olympics), I decided to outsource that work. I found a quality Vancouver Painting Contractor who completed the job on time and was very professional, a rarity among that trade. If you’re looking to hire someone in Vancouver, try the North Shore Painter.

The only other task I ever outsource is flooring. Crawling around on the ground all day is too painful for this guy :). I admire guys that can do that because it’s a trade I would never wanted to get into. Not to mention, it’s a disaster whenever I have to grout tile. I make a bloody mess, the clean up is just as long as putting the tiles down. Scrubbing grout off the tiles for a solid few hours.

5 Popular & Awesome Fitness Food Trends of 2014

Making a New Year’s resolution to diet and exercise more often falls by the wayside as spring nears. Many find themselves falling back to a morning jog, grabbing a morning sweet, then falling away from diet and exercise entirely. Having a plan with a sound nutritional map including a proper diet and supplements (read more by clicking here) is the most beneficial way of reaching a healthy goal. Here are 5 popular fitness food trends for 2014, designed to experience steady weight loss and to keep your body functioning properly.

  • GMO Has Got to Go

Genetically modified organisms have been used in the US, for over 20 years, as a way to improve the yield of crops by making them disease and insect resistant. The problem lies with the introduction of bacteria into otherwise, stable and organic seeds. There is no proof of the long-term effects of playing with nature, but over 60 countries have banned their use. Anything that is strong enough to kill a resilient insect, has to be playing havoc on the human body. Using only organic seeds in growing foods has created quite a market for people looking to live GMO-free lives.

  • Gluten-Free Diets

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet is not for the faint at heart, but many are discovering the amazing power of lessening illness and disease with cutting gluten from meals. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley and is intolerable to much of the Western population. Stomach disorders and colon problems can be the result of regularly ingesting this contaminated substance. Some celebrities, like Chelsey Clinton, have found that life can be much more enjoyable without the constant fear of internal pain and illness.

  • Social Juicing

Juicing items like fresh fruit and vegetables is nothing new, but sharing a day around the pool with friends and a strawberry-melon cooler, is. By serving a burst of vitamins and energy, no one gets sluggish and tired. Juicing fresh vegetables is also an excellent way to make soups and sauces. Instead of using canned broth, filled with sodium and preservatives, vegetable juice will keep your body in balance.

  • Yoga and Brain Food

Yoga is growing popular for relaxing and expanding the mind. Almonds, cherries and green tea will stretch the molecular structure and keep the brain and hormones healthy. Shopping for foods that are low in the glycemic-index is forcing many food manufacturers to include on their labels.

  • 21-Day Challenge

Being able to withstand a change in routine is said to take an average of 21 days. Deciding to head into a healthier way of life is never easy, but using the right ingredients of fresh organic foods and a daily exercise program, the pain of change can turn into a better life. When change is made by incorporating protein, vitamins, minerals, and a goal, a positive outlook, trimmer figure, and less illness is the result. If you have problems with getting up and getting your workouts in the morning going, check out a good pre-workout supplement similar to these at this site.

The food trends of 2014 are not fads of starvation or cleansing means, but point to healthier ways of living, now and in the future for yourself and your family.

My New Passion: Guns & The Shooting Range

One thing most of my friends don’t know about is I’m an avid gun lover and collector. I really love old pistols and rifles I’ve amassed quite the collection over the years.

I’ve got rifles, shotguns, old hammer style guns. I’ve also got a few newer guns and recently I’ve taken a fancy to those as well.

American Standard .38

American Standard .38

It all started when a friend of mine noticed my collection of antique guns and asked if I ever go shooting. I told him no, and he quickly suggested that we should go to the range sometime. Now this guy is a gun lover, scratch that he’s a tactical equipment lover. He used to be in the military and has a ton of his old tactical gear from when he served. He has the best tactical flashlight I’ve ever seen, many of which are worth more then a number of my rifles. His assault rifle is one of the most intense weapons I’ve ever seen, it’s littered with scopes, weapon lights, extended mags. And of course he’s got all the small accessories as well, including one of the best tactical pen I’ve ever seen. These things could do a load of damage and of course they write beautifully.

Weapon Lights

Anyhow, he convinced me to go to an indoor shooting range initially. I was a bit skeptical, I loved collecting guns but I wasn’t a huge fan of firing them. I had only fired a fire arm on one other occasion and wasn’t exhilarated to the point where I couldn’t wait to do it again.

The first thing he taught me was how to hold a gun correctly, as he put it “don’t hold it like a thug” which simply meant with the gun cocked sideways. I was a little taken back by the remark at first but after thinking about it, it’s how it’s always depicted in movies and on TV. Two hands on the weapon, steady your breathing and squeeze. Block everything else out he told me. After firing four or five rounds I suddenly understood. When you hold a pistol (they’re my favorite) it becomes an extension of your hands. And I don’t mean this in a threatening way, I’m not the type who has a gun bedside in case of an intruder. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d want to have a gun if an intruder broke in. In fact I keep them locked away except when I’m going to the range or skeet shooting (which might be the funnest activity I’ve ever tried). It’s like duck hunter, but better.

If you’re not a gun person, do yourself a favour and go to the shooting range one day. You might be surprised how much fun it can be.